Once upon a time in Leather...

The Community Leather Rescue Project

As Leatherfolk we consider preserving our leather history of paramount importance. There are entities like the Carter/Johnson Library & Collection that are focused on the history of What It Is That We Do, our culture, individuals, organizations, and spaces. Gwen Hardy’s passion was the Colors of Leather, documenting our rainbow of patches and pins and the stories behind them.

But what about the very things that identify us? Our leathers? Vests are essentially a physical leather resume – they tell everyone in the know who we are, where we’ve been, what we’ve done, who our friends are. A cover indicates a senior person of leather, someone with years or decades of experience and knowledge. Who is documenting the history of the very things that define our community; our leathers?

We are. 

Storied Leather is an organization dedicated to collecting not only the physical leather that defines our community, but the stories of the people who wore them and, in a unique twist, making those very same pieces available back to the community. Passing on each piece with the soul and history imbued by their owner(s.)

“Keeping leather in Leather.”


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